Ali and Jingdong different arithmetic problems will affect the pattern of electricity supplier

is a new industry in the mobile Internet era under the background of the pattern, to the center of the open mode is represent the general trend by traffic and shop, monopoly rent business era will become the past, and data sharing, and recommendation reputation and evaluation will be based on the user into the mainstream.

recently, Yunshanwuzhao "Jing Teng plan" and finally in the highly anticipated in the dust settles. Tencent did not like the rumors of mergers and acquisitions Jingdong, but the two sides jointly made an important decision – each with the strongest resources and products to create a product provider platform. In this extraordinary critical juncture, the face like a raging fire double eleven, Ali, Jingdong left a choice, fight the enemy separately, a right choice; a choice of 2 choose 1, a selection of 1+1. This is the two pattern is not the same arithmetic problems, will inevitably produce different results. The author makes a brief analysis of the two arithmetic problems. read more

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T Leaders Summit Robin Li dialogue transcript of Ma Huateng

March 25th, Tencent CEO Ma Huateng (left) and Baidu CEO attended the 2012 IT summit summit dialogue

NetEase science and technology news March 25th news, IT leaders summit held in Shenzhen today in 2012, NetEase technology as a whole strategic cooperation media coverage of the summit. Huai Jinpeng, President of Beihang University, Baidu CEO, Tencent CEO participated in the high-end dialogue this afternoon. Around micro-blog, mobile Internet, talent, internationalization and other issues discussed. The following is the full text of the high-end dialogue record: read more

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Stationmaster net broadcast 5sing by the cool dog reborn change kugou two domain secret online show

1 original music base 5sing by cool dog reborn kugou domain name  ,;

is reported that cool dog’s original Chinese music base 5sing, because the domain name can not be accessed by the Hold site this event continues to storm, affecting the hearts of countless music lovers. Recently, the site ushered in good news, it has replaced the two domain name re open, and can not hold the original official website domain name will go from here?

it is understood that the end of June this year, many netizens said, 5sing Chinese cannot access the original music base, the official domain name is Hold. The official said that the announcement, due to the sudden failure of the site, 5sing site will be suspended for maintenance and upgrade services. Then some rumors began to spread the site in the domain name after the exposure of users and waistcoat, because the site does not hold the "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit", and the spread of harmful audio-visual programs to be shut down. A 5sing time of turmoil began reoccurrence predicament. read more

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Qiyi online social system adventures or go vertical mode of micro blog

About video website Qiyi social system "

April 2nd news of Baidu’s" ( has entered the closed beta stage second, log in the community found that "about" the interface is similar with micro-blog, but only in the field of film and television content.

early in January this year, there is news that Qiyi will launch a "miracle", the community is essentially sharing community to provide users with a visual communication interface, similar to micro-blog, users can publish pictures, text and video sharing. read more

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Handle this for two years group purchase bubble to system from the wilderness was low

[introduction] this year industry changes like the group purchase group purchase website, similar to 24 coupon and disappear, Baidu holdings also make glutinous rice industry into the "group purchase competition of family background" era. Fortunately, a little bit, the handle survived, the track is still in the forefront of the industry to buy the group.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on January 6th

Not a

China group purchase websites have fate handle such ups and downs: the establishment of more than a year will be able to get a total of $166 million in the 3 round of financing, then start listing plan with vigour and vitality, and ultimately fail on the verge of success, the fate of a sudden turn for the worse. read more

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Ministry of industry to determine the key work in 2017 the depth of the implementation of network sp

[TechWeb] December 27th news, the national industrial and information work conference held in Beijing yesterday. The meeting summed up the work of the 2016, next year will be in-depth network speed down fees.

according to the report of the meeting, in 2016 China’s speed drop charges has made significant progress: more than 430 billion yuan investment, network city basically completed all cities nationwide, broadband users accounted for 72%, 4G users exceeded 700 million; 3 new direct Internet backbone network bandwidth, the new expansion of 950G; the average access the rate of fixed broadband reached 2 times at the end of 2015, fixed broadband and mobile unit bandwidth flow average tariff level decreased further. The Internet based management of the special action, the disposal of illegal websites 2329, shutting down illegal voice line 23 thousand, 400 number 675 thousand, under the frame number changing software and products more than 1 thousand and 700, the full realization of phone users real name registration. read more

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Technology blog has gradually become the domestic T circle popular spicy chicken

interview love van son, TECH2IPO, titanium media founder

IT times Yang

technology blog in the country and the fire. Once as a branch of a large number of blog types, most of the technology blog is written by some senior IT practitioners interested. In overseas, TechCrunch and other technology blog has been popular for many years, no less influential than traditional media, and some articles will have a direct impact on the international IT heavyweights company’s share price.

The read more

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Students to interview experience

ADMIN5 every day in the stroll, today to write something interesting.

there are a lot of friends like me, the students can not earn money or earn a little money. I went to the interview a few days ago and found a lot of problems.

A lot of

personal webmaster to grasp: website theme, web applications, web design, website promotion, website operation and so on, but have no common money webmaster problem is understand all aspects of all aspects are not fine.

interview process (1 interviewer 2 myself) read more

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National nternet information office to investigate a number of blackmail and impose exactions on si Beijing 13 September Xinhua reporter learned from the state Internet Information Office, a number of educational institutions, blackmail and impose exactions on websites and fake news media websites and micro blog account has recently been investigated and shut down. In these are dealt with closed website, micro blog account, "China anti-corruption report", "China News Network rights" 14 "fraud, blackmail and impose exactions on site, the Central South University network", "reference house" and other 21 fake educational institutions, news media website, micro blog account more than 4 thousand false and fake CCTV interviews "and well-known media personalities, well-known presenters in the name. A number of illegal personnel involved in illegal public relations personnel have been suspected of criminal offenses, law enforcement agencies are being investigated. This year, the national Internet Information Office has accumulated and closed blackmail and impose exactions on site more than and 130. read more

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South Korea won the Northern Light Venture Capital and other social networking sites for an addition

              Admin5 stationmaster net news Beijing time on January 15th, according to foreign media reports, South Korean social networks and online game service provider Nurien Software announced on 14, northern light venture capital, Qiming venture, Globespan Capital Partners and New Enterprise Associates four the success of the venture investment institutions the first round of investment of the additional investment, the amount of $10 million.

read more

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