South Korea won the Northern Light Venture Capital and other social networking sites for an addition

              Admin5 stationmaster net news Beijing time on January 15th, according to foreign media reports, South Korean social networks and online game service provider Nurien Software announced on 14, northern light venture capital, Qiming venture, Globespan Capital Partners and New Enterprise Associates four the success of the venture investment institutions the first round of investment of the additional investment, the amount of $10 million.

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Double 11 online shopping fraud reported a total of 73 yuan from the case of more than 14 yuan

3 minutes of trading more than 1 billion yuan; 13.5 hour trading 36 billion 200 million yuan more than last year, "double 11" all day long transactions – this is the electricity supplier masterpiece, this is the "double 11" charm, this is the potential consumer market Chinese. It is no wonder that the value of billions of horses in Hangzhou to thank Chinese women". They are, let Chinese makers in traffic and revenue gains huge at the same time, also gain a great influence, even in the United States investors due to the electricity supplier shares happiness within, shares rose and xibuzijin. read more

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Honey Amoy do not hit the price war to enter South Korea duty free shops

sina science and technology news September 16th news, the recent cross-border electricity supplier honey Amoy announced the subversion of its original sea Amoy business, focusing on the South Korean imports of goods market. New honey Amoy from logo, positioning and the client and website of the show have made a new adjustment, the content and the product overall bias and increase shopping in Korea, "Korean fan" community channel in the client, and the introduction of user Master mechanism, brings a strong visual impact and a new shopping experience. read more

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Taobao to increase efforts to combat fake

convenience has been an important reason for Internet users to choose online shopping, fakes flooding has been a headache for Taobao, the rapid development of online shopping platform has a negative impact. Yesterday, announced that it will invest 100 million yuan to join forces to fight against fake this long-standing problem.

is known to all, Taobao is facing 2 major problems, the first is a strong fight against the problem of credit speculation for some time ago, the 1 is the proliferation of fake issues. TBW Taobao believes that yesterday announced the news that Taobao further build its own integrity issues. read more

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