The Premier will study a health passport control app to access the stadiums

first_imgThe application builds an “digital health passport” of the individual, which can be scanned at any time to check if they have passed the coronavirus tests. Obviously, to implement this system it is necessary, in addition to developing the technology, to successfully achieve a campaign of massive controls. For this, VSTE, explains the ‘Daily Mail’, is working together with two other companies specialized in testing with the approval of the Medicines Regulatory Agency. They expect conclusive results over the next two weeks.The English newspaper explains that the Premier is already preparing a meeting with those responsible for VSTE to study its application to football, so that it can be accelerated, once the competitions resume, the return of the public to the stadiums more quickly. The objective, if achieved, would be to extend this digital health passport to be able to access the purchase of tickets for matches. Obviously adding the previous check in the passport’s own stadium (VCode) that would be the result of the tests carried out by health professionals. Therefore, there are still several steps to take. The UK has encountered the reality that the coronavirus dictates. Eighth in infections worldwide and with more than 7,000 deaths. In spite of everything, the measures adopted have not been as restrictive as in Spain. Soccer, like almost everywhere, is stopped and pending to soften the economic damage while preparing the conditions for return. In this sense, the ‘Daily Mail’ has reported a step that the Premier is studying and for which it needs technology. As explained, it will analyze the implementation of an app that controls the “health passport” of each person with a view to using it with the public who wants to attend stadiums. Thus, the technology of VST Enterprises (VSTE) is still in the development phase, but the British government is analyzing it for use with the personnel of the National Health Service (NHS), so that its status can be monitored on the return trip. to work or as a measure after controlling this pandemic to avoid a new outbreak.last_img