Abelardo pulls veterania: the average age rises to 28.7 years

first_imgIt is curious, at the same time as paradoxical, that the most inexperienced player in First is the most decisive. Raúl de Tomás has barely participated in 37 games at his 25 years, although their numbers are terrifying: 18 goals. Cabrera, who only accumulates 66 matches in First, is also the safest defender So far, with the guarantee of helping to maintain the zero goal for the first time in the RCDE Stadium The last Sunday. Roca, Embarba and Jonathan Calleri do not reach those 100 matches either.The previous courser, without going any further, the average age It was close to the current one, with 28.1 years Players like Diego López, Sergio García (35) and Esteban Granero (31) were in charge of compensate the prominence of young people. Mario Hermoso, Óscar Melendo, Borja Iglesias or Roca himself were well below those figures. With more youth, Espanyol also managed to get out of its loop of negative results and manage to finish seventh. Whether younger or more adult, the whole of Abelardo sails at a good pace towards the port of salvation. EI football is topical manido, and one of the most widespread is to pull veterania to get out of complex situations, like the one that Espanyol has lived since the season began and entered swampy terrain. Abelardo Fernández is also clear about that premise, and the average age of the alignments has grown ostensibly. Players under 25 years like Adrià Pedrosa, Lluís López, Matías Vargas, Víctor Gómez, Pol Lozano, Fernando Calero or Víctor Campuzano have hardly counted for the Asturian coach so far, a statement of intentions. Bet for Javi Lopez in the right is another one of the cotton tests.The average age from the usual lineups Abelardo has grown up to 28.7 years old, with Diego Lopez such as older (38) Y Marc Roca becoming the Benjamin (23). Among them, they accumulate more than 1,500 matches in First: the starting player prototype already has 139 matches in the top category, which is equivalent to at least four seasons participating regularly. He has no novels this Espanyol. The consolidation of players like the captain (33) and Dídac Vilà (30) on the sides or the signings of Leandro Cabrera (28) and Adrián Embarba (27) also respond to this policy.last_img