Let Hot pot dish store back

now no matter what kind of delicious, almost all the market has a large number of competitors, so how to ensure their own business? This has become the current number of food and beverage shop owners who said the problem. However, if we can develop a special dish, let a shop back to life can be very simple.

Liu opened a new store in the main business Hot pot of beef, stewed beef, beef, beef jerky Hot pot etc.. Old Liu intended to earn money in this store, domestic subsidies. However, things did not think so smoothly, opened two years, Liu beef Museum has been dismal business, and so on, so Liu decided to beef restaurant turn out, something else can be diverted to the business, the notices posted a month was quiet, helpless, had to go looking for opportunities.

one day, several restaurants Liu xianlaiwushi, then carefully observed next to this observation, Liu found himself Hot pot shop: one is not selling products. A decorated hall on both sides of the old halal beef beef restaurant, which is not far from the famous local Zhao beef powder shop, only business, Hand-Pulled Noodle snack Rice noodles beef.

although the saying goes to sell goods take place, but in this "delicacy Street", his shop is not characteristic of underachievement, high consumption to two halal beef shop, and ordinary consumers went to the old "Zhao Ji", his restaurant no guests. Two is not on the software services, can not afford to repeat customers. Catering business is an art, how can we pull back? Liu see the crux of the problem, the answer.

how to rise, Liu thought for a long time, it is obviously not possible to expand the scale, because the funds can not keep up. So you can only work in the snack bar, looking for snacks with distinctive features. After the investigation, Liu found that many local beef restaurant, but did not run cattle tendons. The cattle back ribs, ribs and beef cattle is on the ridge, not only rich in nutrition, is a not fully developed diet products, Liu think this is definitely a market selling point.

so, Liu decided to cattle back muscle as their main beef museum project, to carefully modulated "pickled cattle tendons" as the signature dishes, then prepared vegetables, tofu, mushrooms and other twenty varieties, large medium and small Hot pot 3 models, each Hot pot according to how many cattle back ribs to set the price, bottom material with a Jin cattle back ribs pot 40 yuan, 70 yuan, two pounds of pot three pounds of pot 110 yuan, and recruit a good cook, and strive to improve the preparation of cattle back muscle Hot pot bottom material technology, to ensure the taste delicious, let customers eat satisfied.

re positioning operation in beef restaurant, Liu shops re decoration design, a hall, there are private rooms, let the guests at the door, there is a feeling refreshed. Catering, service is crucial