Provide free legal services lawyer of Shenzhen Bay mansion for entrepreneurs

people in society, whether it is life or work must comply with the law. On the occasion of the national constitution day, Shenzhen set up a special services for entrepreneurs lawyers mansion, to help customers create their business according to law, legal innovation.

3W coffee is the earliest and most successful to raise public cafe, it is the opportunity to sell coffee, set up an innovative Incubator – 3W incubator. Similarly, the senior partner of the Chinese lawyer, by Saint Francis launched and jointly set up by a group of business elites in the Gulf of Shenzhen lawyer mansion, is in the form of Club restaurant, that business service team to provide catering, reception, multi-function hall meeting as an opportunity to build a large business legal services in the Gulf of Shenzhen in the business square.

in the total area of about 1000 square meters of the Gulf of Shenzhen lawyer mansion, various legal issues with the entrepreneurs here dinner. At the same time, lawyers through the line scene and the online platform for all kinds of innovative enterprise incubators, entrepreneurial team, including investment and financing, intellectual property protection, entrepreneurship policy and legal services, but also including roadshow, matchmaking, entrepreneurship training and a series of business support services.

for many just enter or not venture into the road hit off, have a professional team to provide legal support is a very good thing, avoid detours on entrepreneurship. The practice of Shenzhen is worth learning in other areas.

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