Youth sports O2O may become the next investment outlet


standard of living rising, people began to pay attention to the quality of spiritual life improve to the attention of sports is increasing, "the pace of development Internet plus sports industry gradually followed up," sports O2O "has become the focus of time.

has seen sports O2O in the direction of innovation and entrepreneurship, including senior media people Huang Jianxiang founded the "move on Sports", the media reporter Xu Xianqiang founded "the youth movement". Various forces have been involved in this emerging industry.

the basic routines

move on sports and youth movement, as of two typical cases, choose to enter the market from two different starting point, we through their practice, also be able to see some of the basic routine method.

1, sports bar

And in the entrance of

, move on Sports starting from the B end of the coach, to seize the core elements in the whole chain. However, in the current market environment, the society engaged in youth sports training and education team coach, about 30% are found in the individual occupation, while more than 70%, most of the coaches are already relying on the stock of the educational intermediary. This makes a move on Sports choice to subvert the intermediary, directly absorb free ideas coach to join, in Recommendation