Now what do people earn a money supplies industry

with the aging of our population, the elderly supplies industry has become a hot industry, causing investment boom. What do you do to make money now? The old man opened the shop, selling some first-aid kit, hearing aids, crutches, walkers and other products, you can easily earn money!

now do what the industry to make money? The old man opened the shop, sunset red gold guangcan. Since 1980s, China has begun the process of aging. 2000, China’s 60 years of age and older people have more than 130 million, accounting for the total population of 10.2%. China has officially entered the ranks of the elderly. It is predicted that in 2050, the number of people over the age of 60 reached 468 million (including the number of people over the age of 80 reached 100 million), accounting for about 27.71% of the total population. Business scope: elderly activities is the best-selling health care products, such as health care equipment, emergency medicine, hearing aids, crutches, walkers; followed by the leisure fitness products, such as fishing supplies, Gas Volleyball, croquet and so on; and not easy to buy on the market of elderly clothing etc.. A business area of 15 square meters of shops rent for 1500 yuan, store renovation costs 5000 yuan, the first purchase can be secured consignment, the deposit is 10 thousand yuan, a total of 20 thousand yuan. As long as the marketable commodity, the general elderly supplies profits up to more than 30% months making profit 2000-3000 yuan.

now do what the industry to make money? In addition to the elderly supplies industry, the industry is more profitable than the elderly, for example, the elderly care services, nursing homes for the elderly and other industries, if you want to make money, may wish to pay more attention to these industries.