Venture on the road 19 lessons learned early success

every entrepreneurial lessons are learned before the bleeding. The following 19 entrepreneurial lessons, absolute entrepreneurs have money can not buy, the 19 reminder may help you solve problems.

1. you don’t have to be pro

2. you may think that you are perfect, but your client will not think so

3. really do a good job

entrepreneurs try to do all things or become equal to anything, but become a both sell bait and sell baby toys and the Beatles (Beatles) classic album the store is almost impossible. To be exact, you can charge what you really offer. It is said that if there is a skill or service that can improve your core product, give it up.

4. before you give a project to the customer before the payment of

if you provide the service, this is particularly important. You won’t have any room for bargaining once you have given the contract or website design to others. When I was a graphic designer, I was able to put all my projects on the watermark, the site is hosted in a private area until the bill is paid.

5. less money is not sustainable

to the quality, expertise and your niche market attention to win, rather than price. If only the price war, the customer is always bargain because your price is lower than the person or company that betray you.

6. patience and flexibility to help you through the economic downturn

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