Zhengda chicken siting requirements

chicken shop is now a popular restaurant to join the project, all kinds of chicken brands in the market such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like a rise, people do not know to choose the better, in this small series for you to recommend Zhengda chicken. Zhengda chicken joined the need to join conditions?

is chicken joined the condition:

have the right location

franchisees have a more appropriate place to open a shop, and the rent is appropriate, the store area of 7 square meters to 30 square meters. Dining hall can be provided.

site requirements:

1, the bustling commercial district (snack street), 2, 3, University of dense area, dense residential area, 4 shops, 0.5 square kilometers around in no other Zhengda chicken joined the shop, 5, or 6, at the crossroads of the T-junction, the door wide to 2.4 meters above 7, Ying Street, 8, station

2. has a certain financial strength

franchisees have adapted to the management of project economic strength, carry out the franchise business in order to ensure the smooth Zhengda chicken. At the same time has practical earnest work attitude, not getting rich thoughts.

3. with good management ability

franchisees and the main store managers should have a certain degree of cultural quality with marketing knowledge, business management knowledge and a wealth of management capabilities.

management of

4. identity Zhengda chicken

join the recognition and respect of brand management is chicken, chicken, the concept of identity Zhengda image, style and market positioning, and have strong desire to join sincere cooperation.