Need to mention the commodity structure of the season

season is the time to sell the major commodities, but if the business strategy is not appropriate, the same can not let the product selling. So, even in the peak season, want to sell the same product needs to continue to learn more successful experience. In short, before the market warming, all kinds of merchandise sales situation is also rising, sales growth has also brought sales structure promotion, therefore, to the festival in order to improve the structure, improve the market before the holiday.

, however, there are some retail customers psychological Festival has not yet arrived, the market is in a warm-up period, but also do not need targeted purchase, into some of the structure of a lot higher than usual, the results missed the opportunity. I think, adjust the structure to do three aspects of work:

is to step by step. It is with the market heating up and constantly adjust the market structure, there is a preheating and heating process, this process is different, especially the Spring Festival in this special period, the consumption cycle longer, the sales cycle is long, therefore, should follow a gradual process. First of all, the thought should pay attention to, pay attention to market to adjust the structure, in order to grasp the market benchmark, it targeted; secondly, to have advanced consciousness, is to do, be prepared against want.

two is an extension of the product line. Do a good job to extend the sale of the product is very important, and some retail customers usually only a few sales, more than a dozen products. However, with the peak season approaching, customer demand is also showing a variety of situations, while adjusting the structure, do not forget to increase the product line, increase customer choice.

line extension to forget the old brand on the basis of taking into account some new brands. Some retail customers to focus only on the eyes of some famous brands, strong brands above, ignoring some of the new brands and regional brands, which do a good job in the market is very unfavorable season.

three is to encourage the free airing of views. To accept the market, from the professional point of view, especially in some rural retail customers, because the source of information on the market is narrow, the spirit of each degree is not high, listen to the views of consumers around or suggestions are very important. At the same time, the customer manager to visit, to humbly ask them, let the customer manager to give you the season sales teams play, out of ideas, do not miss this rare conservative sales opportunities.

how to open up the market in the peak season, to create a higher product sales, these are natural need for us to master more skills. In short, if you want to sell goods in the season, may wish to upgrade the product structure, which will attract more customers, let the shop business achieve real hot development.