Spring Festival stocking should pay attention to what

Spring Festival is almost any shop business hot business time, so do a good job of stocking, the store business development will be of great help. During the Spring Festival is the "golden time" of sales of goods, retailers only advance the availability of supply, prepare the goods, in order to seize business opportunities in the Spring Festival season, twice. However, you want to do a good job of stock preparation, naturally need to do more attention. So, the Spring Festival stocking should pay attention to what?

first, grab the first catch early. Last year the Spring Festival, I prepare some late, a lot of consumer goods are not sufficient, the less not only earn a lot of money, but also the loss of some customers. Therefore, the Spring Festival stocking this year, I decided to step ahead, pre emptive, prepare sufficient funds, one month in advance began stocking, the Spring Festival is in tight supply in full.

second, improve grades. Now living well, improve the level of consumption, especially in the Spring Festival, people’s consumption level than usual increase by a large margin, zouqingfangyou gift grade increases. Therefore, our retail business in the preparation of goods, the grade of goods to be higher than usual a grade, to meet customer demand for holiday consumption.

third, reasonable stocking. Many retailers stocking the Spring Festival in the Spring Festival when love is not reasonable, a large stockpile (especially cigarette delivery), the results due to lack of experience caused after goods (mainly cigarette backlog). Therefore, the Spring Festival stocking do not blindly increase inventory, must be based on the actual sales of various commodities Spring Festival, as well as changes in the consumption of the surrounding consumer groups, and gradually increase the order quantity and inventory.

fourth, pay attention to health. Now people pay more and more attention to their own health, so when the Spring Festival to prepare some more health goods. For example, cigarette delivery. Reasonably prepared some harm to the body of the small low tar cigarette and fine cigarette; in recent years, the health benefits of red wine is more and more popular, New Year red wine became a kind of fashion, so the wine stock, in addition to liquor, I decided to increase the level of file wine stocking, to meet the different tastes of customers.

fifth, focus on children. At present, three families with a child, the child is a little emperor of the family". During the Spring Festival, the emperor’s consumer demand, three of parents are responsive. During the Spring Festival, children’s consumption occupies a large proportion of the Spring Festival consumer market, so the Spring Festival can not be ignored when stocking children’s consumer goods. For example, children’s toys, children’s food, etc..

a year, the Spring Festival can be said to be the last sprint of a shop and the beginning of the year, therefore, do a good job stocking work, the store will be of great help to the management. In short, the Spring Festival is a good time, stocking is at that time. But no matter how tight supply, retailers must adhere to purchase from the formal channel >