The entrepreneur mininggold should pay attention to what

many people choose to give up work, do their own careers, but in the process of entrepreneurship difficult, not all investors can make money, entrepreneurs how to get the first gold important? Here are four methods:

dug the first pot of gold

A, a craft

said with a vast wealth, rather than have a slight skill by oneself. With this as the minimum objective is to my slight skill, their highest goal is to build up the family fortunes and a vast wealth.

the first bucket of gold digging, so that his belongings all in charge of traditional woodcarving, finally have the results today.

: no craft, wise remark of an experienced person to learn the craft. The first is the best in the world where are you going to play, learn a Shiyibuque class skills. Master the technology, we must strive for excellence in the development of a region in the banner, and in the middle of the regional expansion.

two, uterus

three, to capture the opportunities of