Network TV box ten brands list

since the opening of the network TV, naturally need network TV box. However, this market can now provide service brand is also very much, because of this, many people are in the tangle how to buy a TV box, but has yet to start buying the box, because a lot of people do not understand this box, what kind of box? What brand cost-effective? The box on the market box variety, the brand is also so brightly coloured here, to introduce the network TV box ten brands list, so that we can have a full understanding of the box ring.

network TV box ten brand list: NO.1 tejet box Webox

8 kernel 64 bit, dual band antenna, special heat treatment, is the biggest highlight of the Czech Republic and Thailand WE30, Taiza box special for home users and design, professional title and live performance of video playback. High quality high tejet has become a popular brand for.

network TV box ten brand list: Tmall NO.2 box


box flagship online shopping function of TV integration, through the "Tmall box, users can watch movies on TV in the TV and online shopping, payment of utilities and so on.

network TV box ten brands list NO.3: HUAWEI box

HUAWEI secret box is HUAWEI for the domestic market launch of a high-end HD TV box. In the design of a small size, HUAWEI’s hardware configuration can be very good to see the local video.

network TV box ten brands list NO.4: music box

music as the box is equipped with high-definition Dolby 5.1 surround sound to create a theater level environment, based on the large screen interactive experience LeTV UI system, which has a wealth of video resources Letv, watching the video above will not lose.

network TV box ten brands list NO.5: SKYWORTH box

SKYWORTH box operation is relatively simple, Sky2.0 new design, interactive interface is more concise, focusing on the big screen TV core experience optimization, search content is convenient, improve the user experience! SKYWORTH box on the UI interface may be more pleasing to the requirements of young women.

network TV box ten brands list NO.6: 100 index box

ider box based on Android depth customization Ali YunOS operating system, >