What’s the difference between opening a milk tea shop and a dessert shop

in our traditional impression, many things are vague, cannot give a specific definition, in the broad sense, tea and dessert may be attributed to a class, many shops are both prepared, but in fact, operating tea and dessert is a difference, but the difference is not small, if you want to join for this dessert industry, can have the most need to fully understand, let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

dessert, is a very broad concept, roughly divided into sweet snacks and Cantonese syrup. Have your dessert across the continent, such as Sichuan Chongqing area cool shrimp, cold cream, ice powder; back to the analysis of Taiwan’s future, taro, sweet potato ice cakes, round, Tofu pudding, so it is completely different from the grain health class mainly the latter is to ruminate, grain for the Lord. The main health products is beans and so on, so the ruminate is different.

at present, the dessert is hotter than the tea industry. Relative to the tea shop, the dessert shop investment, low cost, but also vulgar and elegant, high return. Dessert is the hottest brand in Hongkong, such as the honeymoon, Hui Lau Shan, its price is even higher than the ordinary coffee shop. Some similarities and differences between tea and desserts are reflected in the following aspects:

1, tea shops and desserts are the main consumer groups, the same for young people, especially young women; taste is not mutually exclusive. Tea shop offers dessert, to provide consumers with one-stop choice.

2, dessert shop machinery and equipment than a simple tea shop, tea shop to increase the dessert items, do not need to add additional equipment. Moreover, the tea shop better machinery and equipment can also provide a relatively new dessert practice.

3, desserts and tea shops can share raw materials, such as fresh fruit (fresh fruit, increased fruit utilization, reduced costs), ice cream, pudding, jelly, etc.. Do not need to add additional storage machine equipment.

4, dessert can be made in advance, the operation is relatively simple, do not need to add too much manpower can provide more dessert products.

5, the dessert is very healthy, the introduction of milk tea dessert, tea shop can be added to health points.

6, dessert production, less smoke, suitable for most of the operating environment of milk tea shop.

7, the dessert is functional, good such as paste, can heat; red dates peanut paste, can enrich the blood and so on.

8, dessert can provide cold and hot in two ways, you can enhance the winter sales of milk tea shop.

9, the general recommended dessert