The entrepreneurial story at the foot of Meili Xue Shan Wang Pu and her medicinal base

a trip to the city girl Wang Pu met the beautiful scenery of the Meili Xue Shan in Yunnan, but also met her future lover. She faced her boyfriend behind the poor hometown did not retreat, the first travel business, but also the establishment of medicinal base. At the foot of the Meili Xue Shan wrote her own entrepreneurial story.

however, shabby houses and rugged road did not stop a thousand miles of love, nor to shake Wang Pu’s determination to leave. In the face of her boyfriend’s family and the opposition of the family, she chose to create a piece of heaven with their loved ones. In the two year of the acquaintance of the people, Wang Pu persuaded his family, resigned from the work of Beijing, followed by Ji Wu came thousands of miles away in Yunnan, Lijiang. Husband and wife two people to buy a business travel car, began to cooperate with the travel company, the club, started a customized travel business, for free travel to provide professional transportation, guide and other services.

2013, Wang Pu persuaded the husband addicted to tourism in the village, take the lead in the Maca, Paris polyphylla and other Chinese herbal medicine. When the wife filed a bold proposal, Ji Wu conceal recommended