Hu Lin eighty thousand yuan to open a home paper business to do fire


said the paper folded into a rose, which is a lot of people seem to be a novelty, and may also be met on a few people, but few people will take this as a cause to operate. The protagonist of this article on the creation of such a precedent, invested eighty thousand yuan to open a paper shop, business is very prosperous oh.

is an ordinary paper, fell to the hands of Hu Lin, can become lovely paper crafts. In order to deal with every day and the art of origami, she gave up the stable white-collar work, open a small zhifang. "I can fold what I like every day, and I feel like I’ve never had a free life."

with 80 thousand yuan accounting paper female shop

in the first ring road 2 name as "small red paper shaped square shop, covered with a variety of handmade paper crafts: pink roses, a bud just ready to burst to fly wings Snoopy projection painting paper swan, dignified and elegant embroidery, cute paper…… Vivid image. All these pieces of paper in the store are 27 year old female boss Hu Lin and her cousin, who is only 21 years old.

Hu Lin quietly sitting in the shop, only a large table of origami, looked focused, with his quick note. "This thing is so magical, as long as you can think of it, you can do it." She said as he quickly turned in the best of spirits, a small piece of paper: up ninety percent off, again, again…… A small triangle was folded by her.

this thing, we will do, as long as a little bit for a change, they can form interesting patterns, "she said, while skillfully to fold out of the small triangle just inserted into a non molding handicraft. "Do origami must determine the size in advance, flower row position, and then use the color mosaic. We are all familiar with cat, but it will take a lot of time to do it. I’ve been doing this for two days, but I’ve only done it for 1/3."

last year, she learned from a friend in Chengdu, opened a small shop manual paper, love the hand she went there to gather together, this look, under the paper and knot indissoluble bound. "It’s amazing! A small piece of paper, whimsical producers can achieve." Then, Hu Lin to resign shop, although the company to stay, but she still can not resist the temptation of the art of origami, eventually abandoned the original arena stable white-collar life began.

open a store selling origami needs 80 thousand yuan, but with her husband’s savings, money in the hands of Hu Lin only 40 thousand yuan. She had to Ruanmoyingpao to his parents for help, the rest of the money to fund. Next, Hu Lin will set single-handed: identify shops, busy decoration, prepared samples, purchased from the distributor of small paper shaped leaves Fang Chengdu >