Xining City the next two years to implement the relocation of 108 villages to help the poor

Xining will raise 2 billion 572 million yuan, the next two years in Huangzhong, Huangyuan and Datong three counties in the mountains, blocking traffic, such as the implementation of 108 village doctor education very difficult to resettle, resettlement of 13238 households, 53706 people in poverty. This year, the relocation of 43 villages, in 2015 the relocation of 65 villages. Through the relocation of poverty relief, so that the poor people out of the mountains, as soon as possible to embark on the road to poverty.

at the end of last year, a total of Xining City, poor farmers 58 thousand households, 160 thousand people, Xining city will take local conditions, easily relocated, the whole village and other measures to narrow the gap between urban and rural, helping the poor people as soon as possible to create a harmonious and happy New life. Among them, in the implementation process to be relocated, Xining city will be taken to the county, township, rural community park, centralized resettlement, resettlement and resettlement of the nearest flower arrangement, independent scattered resettlement supplement, 13 thousand and 200 households, 53 thousand and 700 poor people will be easily moved after the production and living conditions improved. In order to facilitate the relocation of poverty alleviation work smoothly, Xining plans to strengthen the organization and leadership of this work, clear responsibilities of relevant departments of cities and counties. The relocation of land, housing construction, infrastructure construction, public facilities construction, follow-up industry support and other aspects of a total investment of 2 billion 572 million yuan, funds mainly come from the central budget funds, the provincial financial aid funds, fiscal funds, financing and other aspects, to provide support to be relocated.

in the 108 villages to resettle work, will build 12 thousand and 700 housing units, 1092 of all kinds of buildings, supporting the construction of water supply, drainage, power supply, road engineering, construction of the village committee, clinics, kindergartens, schools and other public service facilities. At the same time, Xining city will be based on easily relocated follow-up industry support, related production technology and labor skills training for the relocation of the masses, to support 51 thousand and 700 people engaged in cattle fattening, planting forage, vegetables, seedlings, in Tibetan medicine, the development of individual business of rural tourism, catering and other industries, so as to realize the relocation of households "move out, stability to live, to get rich".