The implementation scheme of the project of PM2 5 analysis of atmospheric particulate matter in Xini

recently, chaired by the provincial Environmental Protection Department of Xining atmospheric particulate matter PM2.5 source apportionment project implementation plan through expert demonstration. The project will be combined with the main characteristics of the emission source and control technology research and source apportionment results, put forward the implementation of the Xining particulate matter standards, the establishment of the concentration of particulate matter reached the key control technology system.

it is understood that with the rapid development of modern industry, as well as the pressure of the eastern industrial transfer to the west, the atmospheric environmental quality has been seriously affected. At present, the problem of air pollution in Xining is becoming more and more serious. The problem of air particulate matter pollution can not be ignored. Provincial Environmental Monitoring Center station undertakes "atmospheric particles in Xining PM2.5 source apportionment project", in Xining city and its surrounding areas as the study area, carry out research and analysis the background of city pollution causes atmospheric particles, and then develop the city particles monitoring integrated management platform, to provide technical support system for the Department of the environment.

Chinese academician, Academy of Engineering Hao Jiming Dean of Tsinghua University Institute of environmental research and Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, College of environmental science and engineering, Nankai University National Research Center for analysis and testing, Shanghai municipal environmental monitoring center and the relevant experts to participate in the discussion. (author: Xia Lianqi Zhang Haihu)