Public Street police station Dunshou dispatched to take away a large illegal acquisition dens

  June 10th 23 am, mass Street police station, according to reports from the masses, in the area of prosperity Lane Group

Dunshou dispatched police organization. Finally, the police in the suspect Tang and Yu a rental house, seized a large number of cables, light

cable, the end of this large illegal acquisition of dens.

according to the Public Street police officer Lee introduced, June 10th 23, after receiving clues from the masses, the police immediately organized

arrived at the scene for the first time. Time is not long, a man in the dark riding a tricycle riding a rented house

. After the police knocked on the door and found the house two people flustered, incoherent. The police found a large bed

power cable. At the same time, the police were checking around the room, but also in an uninhabited house, found a long

one hundred m high voltage cable thick wire and 15 case DIL18-20 type leakage switch.

June 11th, Volkswagen Street police station director Ma told reporters, after inventory, seized a total of illegal acquisition of electricity copper

line 108 kg, optical fiber cable 60 meters, cable TV cable is about 24000 meters, telecom capillary steel wire color line about 20000 meters,

TV cable 1100 meters; miscellaneous steel wire of 27 kg. Preliminary identification by the relevant departments, the seized goods worth more than 60000 yuan


trial, the suspect Tang and Yu Mou confessed to the illegal acquisition of power equipment lines. At present, the case

is under further investigation.