The children of the self employed and migrant children hold the five card relative to the nearest sc

Near the school, many self-employed business in Xining, asked how their children go to school, how to go through the formalities, and whether the migrant children hold the "five card" to go to school? In August 27th, a reporter from the Xining Municipal Education Department learned that self-employed children and migrant children, holding the "five card" can be relative to the nearest school.

Xining urban primary school in compulsory education in the employment of migrant children of migrant workers, the county government management inflow mainly in full-time public schools school "and the" two oriented "principle, will hold the" five card "(the origin of Hukou, migrant workers above the township certificate, marriage certificate, local residence permit, the children of migrant workers, labor contract) and school district school-age children are treated equally, after admission to enjoy the national policy of education huimin. Included in the scope of compulsory education at the same time the children of migrant workers, the establishment of leadership mechanism, give full play to the role of the linkage of various government departments, and improve the performance management system of division of labor, education for children of migrant workers in the region management function, establish fund investment mechanism. The children of migrant workers to receive compulsory education funds into the annual budget for education, and in accordance with the actual number of schools in the school and the norm, the annual implementation of the children of migrant workers in the public funds. Therefore, doing business in Xining, individual industrial and commercial households children can also enjoy the above policy, at the same time before the registration card, ready to rent or work near the school district to school registration. It is worth noting that in the "five card", some schools require the local residence permit, temporary residence permit is to be registered for more than half a year time. (author: Chen Junfan)