The Range Rover beauty of Qinghai played lithium by third ring Qinghai Lake nternational electric

drift, virtuoso, climbing strength competition; summer, grasslands, snow capped mountains, a good scenery.

3 day schedule, Beiqi new energy EU260, Zotye E200, Daimler BYD new energy proton potential of electric vehicle raid 981 kilometers, through the 12 stages of the ordeal, leaving the "The Legendary Swordsman" reputation in the world.

the 3 day of the range rover, also let the "beauty of Qinghai" cool urban wind, bibowanqing Qinghai Lake, blue lofty grand landscape, a new interpretation of the Qinghai practice of green development, green life, green journey "pure journey in a magnificent stage on the winding".

on the evening of June 22nd, the seventeenth China · Qinghai green development investment and Trade Fair closing ceremony of the third session of the Qinghai Lake (International) electric car challenge awards ceremony held in Qinghai grand theatre. The full 90 minute party to Lake Electric Vehicle awards as the carrier, with a melodious sounds of ethereal as the background, through a variety of video techniques, the latest achievements of display and promote Qinghai lithium battery industry, Qinghai clean energy, the development of circular economy to the world, such as Sanjiang water transfer in Qinghai, Qinghai sounds like surge high and sweep forward power and confidence in Qinghai.

China Lithium all sail from Qinghai

according to statistics, China’s lithium resources country, lithium resources proven reserves ranked second in the world, mainly distributed in Tibet and Qinghai in the Saline Lake.

has a "cornucopia" of the Qinghai, Saline Lake, oil, nonferrous metals and other mineral resources reserves is not only big, but high quality, has been found in 130 kinds of mineral resources, proven content as high as 108. In particular, as a veritable lithium resource province, Qinghai has initially proved 21 million 80 thousand tons of lithium chloride, reserves ranking first in the country, accounting for more than 80% of the country’s proven reserves, accounting for the world’s reserves of 1/3.

put the lithium resources so well, the development and utilization of natural be nothing difficult.

September 25, 2009, Saline Lake of Qinghai science and Technology Development Co. Ltd. and Qinghai fozhao lithium energy development Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation to develop an annual output of 10 thousand tons of battery grade lithium carbonate project agreement, officially opened the building "Chinese Li" legendary curtain.

Time flies

. In the provincial Party committee and provincial government decision to deploy and the majority of scientists research tough, Qinghai efforts to build Saline Lake lithium resources development, energy storage battery cathode materials, complete industrial chain of lithium battery and power battery as the focus, and by hosting 17 consecutive years the green fair investment platform, leveraging the line, industrial cluster gradually formed a certain scale.

2014, "Qinghai Province billion yuan lithium industry development plan" put forward clearly: the Qinghai lithium industry to maximize the advantages into economic advantages, in the construction of Qinghai country has a certain influence on the lithium industry base of 100 billion yuan.

With the continuous improvement of the level of comprehensive development and utilization of resources in Saline Lake,