Agriculture animal husbandry and quality and efficiency to write four good articles

as one of the five largest ranch in Qinghai, has a vast natural grassland resources, however, the proportion of grain and meat production in Qinghai is not high. This year, our province will be the general secretary Xi Jinping put forward the "four major solid" requirements and provincial Party committee put forward the "four change" concept as a guide to promote the deepening of structural reforms on the supply side, a transition from "structure, improve quality, improve the supply, improve the income and other work to start, put into its own development strategy the national development strategy, taking" people "as the center, four focus to make a good article in" adjustment and change, drop, fill ", to further enhance the well-being of the people. January 17th, the twelve session of the provincial people’s Congress, the six meeting of the press conference, Zhang Huangyuan, director of the Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry, informed the province of agriculture and animal husbandry in 2017 focused on the work of the province in.

three area along the development pattern of

keyword: efficient demonstration zone, the development of the first area, aquaculture development zone

results: Qilian county was identified as the national organic yak, Tibetan sheep production demonstration base, our province has become the country’s largest organic livestock production base. Create a standard garden vegetables 39, identified "basket" production base of 168.

to build the eastern region of efficient breeding demonstration area, the development cycle of agriculture and animal husbandry staggered ahead of the area, green ecological organic animal husbandry development zone along the Southern Yellow River and moderate development zone. In the process of advancing the whole ecological animal husbandry cooperatives construction at the same time, share restructuring in 100 ecological animal husbandry cooperatives, pushed forward the construction of the national grassland ecological animal husbandry zone, emerged in Meilong, Lagrange and a number of typical demonstration agency.

keyword: industrial development scale increased

results: in Guinan and Tianjun 6 counties in the grass and animal husbandry in Huangyuan, the pilot, Menyuan, mutual aid 3 counties to carry out the grain feeding pilot, the new high standard forage base 634 thousand acres, 90 thousand cubic meters of New Silage pool. Scale farms and facilities vegetables, artificial grass, fishery production base, etc., all completed the GPS positioning, laying a solid foundation for fine management. Is to accelerate the construction of agriculture and animal husbandry, livestock linkage, circulation development pattern.

planting industry: in accordance with the reduction of wheat grass, vegetable oil stabilization, control potato care, the idea, from grain and oil two yuan structure of grain to feed by the coordinated development of three yuan.

animal husbandry: in accordance with the stable pig, the development of cattle and sheep, moderate special breeding ideas to scale management, standardized farming, green oriented development, vigorously develop the grass and animal husbandry.

Fisheries: reasonable control of the intensity of aquaculture, to ensure the absolute safety of the water environment under the premise of building the national cold water fish healthy ecological breeding test area.

green development to enhance the production capacity of arable land

key words: high quality safety green

highlights effectiveness:

start the implementation of a new round of grassland ecological protection subsidy policy, the full implementation of Grassland Ecological Protection Award performance management.

highlights high-quality, safe, green oriented;