Our province to start the rural three left personnel thorough investigation related work

In April 19th, the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the provincial education department, the Provincial Public Security Bureau jointly issued "on the development of rural areas in Qinghai Province, three left personnel thoroughly investigation work notice", launched the province’s rural left behind women, left-behind children and the elderly (hereinafter referred to as the "three left personnel) touch bottom investigation work.

thorough investigation of the time for the April to July, divided into mobilization, thorough investigation, data collection, analysis and reporting to four stages. By the provincial Civil Affairs Department in conjunction with the Provincial Department of education and the Provincial Public Security Bureau issued an arrangement to urge the city (state), county (city, District, City Committee) relevant departments to gradually deploy specific investigation work. People’s government at the county level unified arrangements, the county civil affairs departments led the development of specific work programs, in conjunction with the education, public security departments deployed to implement. The County Civil Affairs Bureau to supervise and guide the people’s Government of the township (street offices) to carry out a comprehensive diagnostic investigation; three left school and kindergarten education guidance Bureau of rural left-behind children verify and update the information in the existing data; the County Public Security Bureau of the people’s Government of a township (Street offices) to provide the summary of rural left-behind children investigation data, verify the account the registration and the number of minors under 16 years of age.

rural left-behind children and other children like the need of common concern of the whole society, the provincial government attaches great importance to the work of children left in rural areas, the province’s diagnostic investigation work in our province is the original rural left-behind children on the basis of the work, in accordance with the principle of territorial management, further detailed division of labor, clear responsibilities, improve the process, at the same time, clear time, task, responsibility, synchronized with the women left in rural areas and thoroughly investigation work of the elderly left behind, to ensure that the diagnostic investigation work does not stay dead, not as a mere formality.

through the diagnostic investigation, the final comprehensive to clearly grasp the rural areas of our province three left personnel quantity scale, distribution, structure condition, timely grasp of rural left-behind children’s family, life care, school education and other basic information, by the county (city, District, bureau of Civil Affairs Committee) to co-ordinate the establishment of rural areas the three left personnel information database, provide information support to carry out the work to promote the coordination of care for the protection of relevant departments. ()