Eastern four measures to promote the effectiveness of atmospheric governance

I learned from the East District, this year, the district air pollution prevention and control as the focus of the people’s livelihood projects to take four measures to make the region’s air pollution prevention and control work has made positive progress. First, the prevention and control of coal-fired boiler exhaust pollution. The 305 catering units of 8 streets of coal (oil) smoke treatment; regulate remediation of small and medium-sized enterprises, and actively guide the small and medium-sized enterprises into the right track; the "three noes" buildings, arrange for oil Gas Co early procedures; as of now, the actual completion of 78 86 107.95 tons of steam coal fired boiler the rectification task. Meanwhile, the implementation of financial subsidies 10 million 783 thousand yuan, effectively reducing the economic pressure of the masses of the difficulties. Two prevention and control of urban dust pollution. Combined with changes in the weather, timely adjust the time and frequency of watering down the dust, the area of 33 main roads planned to spray dust, focusing on cleaning the car at night when cleaning the main street 12 and heavily polluted areas. Up to now, watering 17951 times, a total of 112875 tons of water. The establishment of 2 checkpoints in lots of important original rhyme ieguchi Sanmao factory gate, arrange 24 hour inspections. Up to now, a total of 7282 vehicles were examined, which dealt with the vehicle body unclean vehicles, no closed vehicles 119, along the way to spill the vehicle of the 34, the vehicle is not allowed to license the vehicle 55, 410. Three is the prevention and control of waste incineration pollution. Complete area of the main street 91 roadside barbecue and small fire finishing remediation work, strengthen law enforcement brigade duty inspections, timely notification of area burned point complaints, on a regular basis "in front of three" work supervision. Four is the construction site dust pollution prevention. In accordance with the atmospheric pollution control five 100% requirements, the area of the construction site of the 137, the demolition site of the construction site of the 25 non periodic inspection. Up to now, issued a notice of the rectification of the construction project 151, the construction work rectification notice 139 copies, in accordance with the standards of the level of coal sales outlets in, closed down 9 coal sites.