Green Fair held private enterprises in Hong Kong and Macao Chamber of Commerce and the province’s ke

6 20, seventeenth Green Fair, private enterprises in Hong Kong and Macao Chamber of Commerce and the province’s key investment projects special signing ceremony held in Xining. Wang Qinmin, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, chairman of the China Federation of industry and commerce, and vice chairman of the China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese attended the signing ceremony of the ceremony, Mr. Li Zhuobin. Governor Hao Peng speech.

Hao Peng said in his speech, the National Federation and the Federation of Chinese Green Fair as an important organizer, give full play to the role of bridge, and actively organize private entrepreneurs in Hong Kong and Taiwan businessmen to exhibitors, widely publicized Qinghai resources and industrial advantages, vigorously promote key investment projects, effectively enhance the green fair, levels and specifications the influence of. The majority of private entrepreneurs and actively participate in the development of the Qinghai chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and Taiwan, through the project investment and technological cooperation, and built a number of large size and high quality, affects the strong infrastructure and industrial development projects, enhance the comprehensive strength, Qinghai become an important force to accelerate the transformation of development.

Hao Peng said that in recent years, Qinghai always adhere to the concept of ecological protection to promote coordinated economic and social development priorities, to achieve ecological protection and economic development of mutual promotion. Especially in the aspect of encourage and support the development of non-public economy, around to build Qinghai into the administrative approval at least, and the highest efficiency and innovation environment is one of the provinces optimal goal, to further promote the put and tube, service reform, private investment has maintained a steady growth, strong support for the economic and social development.

Hao Peng said that the next five years, we will substantially relax market access of private investment, and actively promote the cooperation of the government and social capital PPP mode, to co-ordinate the implementation of major ecological projects, carry out the comprehensive management of the ecological environment, and strive to build a beautiful Chinese beautiful traffic, speeding up the name card; energy, water conservancy, information and municipal engineering construction efforts to improve the ability to support infrastructure development; actively promote the new energy, new materials, use of biological resources, cultural tourism and other green industry development, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure.

Hao Peng said that the current Qinghai is in a critical period of building a moderately prosperous society, hope that the National Federation of Chinese Federation as in the past to care for and support Qinghai, eagerly looking forward to the majority of private entrepreneurs and Hong Kong Macao Chamber of Commerce of the development focus to Qinghai, will be more projects in Qinghai, together with the charming and hopeful beauty of Qinghai and, for a better future. Qinghai will strive to create a high quality and efficient market, policy and business environment, so that we can rest assured investment in Qinghai, let go of entrepreneurship, ease of development.

kernel plus, Dan Ke, Wang Liming, Yang Fengchun attended. Kuang presided over.

at the signing ceremony, more than 20 companies signed a contract, the project investment amounted to about 22000000000 yuan.