Members of the northern ecological livable with prescription

This year, North District will focus on building the plateau landscape city, the formation of a new pattern of Development Zone, the construction of "six belts" green mountain moat, wearing silk city "new city, shaping a new image of North" ecological, modern, fashion, boutique, green and harmonious ". At the forum, the coordinated development of the north area of ecological environmental protection and economic construction, Chengbei District CPPCC members for the north each one airs his own views the sky bluer, the water clearer give advice and suggestions:

– national culture the concept of environmental protection   establish the concept of eco economy, cultivating the awareness of low-carbon life, it should be the ecological education into the education system, establish and improve the environmental education mechanism, through the ecological and environmental knowledge popularization of school education. North District CPPCC member Li Anhai suggested that the use of classroom education and campus activities penetrate the children’s environmental awareness, and to carry out practical activities to mobilize the enthusiasm of young people.

– "on the agenda of the   Car Free Day"; according to the current traffic congestion and air pollution problems, put forward to encourage people to travel by bike, the government should construct a number of bicycle parking, provide convenience for the public use bicycle; advocate public travel consultation take a taxi, alleviate the taxi problem; the public advocate a month day, a day to reduce emissions, month to carry out the "Car Free Day".

– restricted disposable tableware   reduce or limit the use of disposable tableware, through publicity channels and guide people to use porcelain or clean stainless steel tableware, minimize the use of disposable tableware, tableware disinfection and advocate the hotel offers can be used repeatedly, try to use the cup meeting or to receive the enterprises and institutions, administrative organs, to avoid the use of disposable cups to drink.

—- septic tank sewage purification plant   septic tanks in the "laissez faire" management mode, the use of dirt in a more primitive state, once the treatment will not be completely caused by two environmental pollution. The construction of a year to deal with 3 million 500 thousand tons of septic tank sewage purification plant, the establishment of a file for each septic tank, will not allow the platoon, by the unified treatment plant.