support the shallow mountain arid region water conservancy project for poverty alleviation

Han Yongdong lifelong faithful representative of the proposal of Deng Xiaohui, Mr.

to attend the four session of the twelve National People’s Congress of the province on behalf of Han Yongdong, Bi Shengzhong, Deng Xiaohui, Li Xiaosong suggested that the province six area water conservancy in arid areas in mountain poverty alleviation project, "13th Five-Year" into the national poverty alleviation and other related planning and key construction projects, and give support in the prophase of the project and the project construction funds.

the proposal said, Qinghai six area involves 7 Panshan mountain areas in the eastern area of county (District), a total area of 7389.8 square kilometers, the whole area Alexander goushen, ravines, land scattered, fragile ecology, farmland irrigation facilities lack of agriculture dependent on the weather, conditions for the development of the two or three industry is poor and backward, economic sources a single, poor problem, concentrated 60% of the province’s poverty population.That