Do not ignore the details of bus services

With the improvement of the provincial capital

bus service, the requirements of the public also increased accordingly. Recently, some community residents expressed the hope that Xining Public Transport Co., Ltd. do not ignore the details of the service. diverted to the sign

– live in Shi Po Street Mr. Lin said: "this time due to road construction, bus lines diverted frequently, 1 road, 14 Road, 20 road and other lines have changed. Why can’t you make a sign on the bus stop?"

bus company: for line adjustment information, bus companies will be announced in the media. In addition, the bus will be posted on the bus ahead of time after the prompt information. As for why not in the bus station posted a message, it is because the city is now Chuangwei, does not allow free post station kiosks. bus site settings unreasonable

81 – East District Road on one side of the water district Mr. Qi said, in the water side residential households 724 households across the Peninsula New Area will also have more than 1 thousand households, but the bus station set up a bit too far.

bus company: the next step, will visit this section, if conditions permit, and it is necessary, it will increase the site.

I live in the vicinity of thirteen Ms. Wang and nearby residents are the most headache thing is to cross without a car. In addition, 10 bus to go to Qilian Road, not in the station to stop at the station, before and after the two bus station, walk more than ten minutes to thirteen minutes. For from the bustling commercial area of Huangshui light shopping return of the citizens, it is not convenient.

bus company: at present, in principle, the East and West Street and South Gate Street and other traffic pressure on the road, not to increase the bus. However, according to changes in customer traffic, ready to adjust .