Clear food exhibition Chinese and foreign enterprises focused on signing 894 million yuan maximum or

In May 17th, 2015 clean food exhibition project signing ceremony was held in Qinghai International Exhibition Center, the exhibition through product display, trade negotiations, technical cooperation, mutual exchanges and other activities, the participants of the thousands of enterprises at home and abroad and achieved fruitful cooperation. On the same day, a representative of the 88 domestic and foreign enterprises have focused on signing the contract amount of 894 million yuan.

the signing ceremony, the largest order flowers Qinghai Yingnu Trade Co. Ltd., food and clothing signed a purchase contract with Turkey Nur Guli trading group, the amount of 200 million yuan. Qinghai budup Investment Development Co., Ltd and Hangzhou Saerhe Halal Food Co., Changsha halal meat dish snow Limited signed a contract to purchase and sale of beef and mutton products, amounting to 36 million yuan and 49 million yuan; Qinghai Lake back to the Institute of medicine and traditional medicine hospital of Tehran University signed a cooperation in drug research and development production and sales of the project contract, the amount of 20 million yuan; Qinghai Telecom 114mall e-commerce platform and settled the characteristics of Qinghai Resources Development Co. Ltd., Qinghai Han Yao agricultural and sideline products limited liability company, Qinghai Sonana Jean Co., Green Valley Reservoir Baicao Ao Seoul Haihan Clothing Co., Qinghai blue Connaught Qi Biotechnology Co. Ltd, Naka Hiroshio the purchase and sale of Agricultural Products Co. Ltd., Qinghai Hua Bao apiculture Co Ltd, Qinghai Haining Food Group Co., Ltd. and other companies signed.