Eco tourism a new engine of national economic development

chase kite ditch scenic and beautiful environment, beautiful scenery, her "nature Tianranyangba" reputation is more prestigious. The past, here is the deep mountains and forests, "No one shows any interest in today, has become a tourist resort in mind". When the ecological resources have been protected, "natural wealth" has brought a fiery "ecological economy"". Chase kite Valley Tourism blowout scene is just a microcosm of Datong Datong County Tourism in recent years, relying on the rich ecological resources, dig the potential of tourism, tourism, ecological tourism has become a new engine for the national economic development.

old man a few days 3122 cars

July 27, 2013, the village of Bao Xingtai, Jin Shengwu duolong two elders in the village, with the draw "is" the word, the statistics of the day into the East gap kite ditch scenic area of the vehicle, "2997, 2998……" , they were pleasantly surprised to find that a total of 3122 cars into the scenic spot. In recent years, classic mountain flowers, mountain biking, kite kite ditch ditch Snow Festival held successfully, make the tourism scenic spot heat continues to heat up. Dollon village Li Yongcai said with emotion: "in the past few years to travel here a particularly large number of people, especially in the summer from Xining, peace and other surrounding areas, their car to a lot of people, the car after a car from the front door after the car is really too much."

according to statistics, from January 2013 to November, kite ditch scenic spots of tourists reached 35 thousand and 400 people (Times), only the ticket income reached 674 thousand and 200 yuan, compared with the same period last year increased by 50% and 42% respectively.

"deep mountains and forests with fire farm

"Kaoshanchishan, saying." In recent years, is located in the scenic foothills of the kite ditch village duolong thanks to kite ditch tourism hot, "farmhouse economy" rising in the village, has brought considerable economic benefits to the villagers. Bao Guolu is an old private teacher duolong village, he 57 years old on the village changes in the eyes, he said with deep feeling: "morning noon Kang potato, fried potato, potato mash at night, live a better life", this is our previous life summary. Now is not the same, to travel more people, everyone’s income has increased, some people live better than people in the city. Money can be made at home, which we did not want to think." According to dollon village branch secretary Bao Xingtai introduction, the village has a farmhouse 17, new farmhouse 20, 2013 farmhouse only revenue reached 136 yuan.

has now become the "No one shows any interest in deep mountains and forests" visitors to the hearts of the tourist resort". Observing the scenic spots such as the Khan River, the goddess mountain, the master mountain and other scenic spots, they attract the tourists around them. According to statistics, the county’s existing tourism scenic area (spot) 16, there are 113 rural tourism sites, in 2013 a total of 1 million 785 thousand tourists (Times), tourism revenue 340 million yuan, an increase of 19% and 36% respectively.