Xining 18 schools equipped with primary and secondary school students psychological counseling Labor

In September 7th, the reporter learned from Xining City Board of education, in order to effectively carry out the students’ mental health education, promote the comprehensive and harmonious development of students’ physical and mental health, let more children to understand the basic knowledge of mental health, to master self-help methods, and self understanding, to adapt to the environment, perfect personality, mining potential, improve learning efficiency, cultivate good personal qualities. This year, 18 schools in Xining City, invest 10 million yuan in Xining, the twenty-first tiger Taiwan middle school, social practice base, students first occupation school students psychological counseling laboratory equipment.

after preliminary investigation and evaluation, series of psychological instruments and data analysis software by Shanghai Municipal Bureau of education developed by East China Normal University, this software has strong pertinence, simple operation, advanced the concept of scientific, objective and reasonable analysis results of test data, realize the self evaluation and training of psychological quality, and has passed the patent certificate of the Ministry of education. In the psychological laboratory construction process, the City Board of education unified planning, unified design, unified configuration, construction of the psychological testing room, music room, relaxation counseling room, counseling room, sand catharsis room, group activity room features 8 rooms.