The most beautiful people in Qinghai recommended selection activities start

in order to further strengthen the construction of socialist core value system, build confidence, open and innovative new Qinghai consciousness, to further promote the construction of civilized Qinghai, Provincial Committee of civilization decided in mid August to carry out around looking for the most beautiful people in Qinghai ".

the most beautiful people in Qinghai are mainly in the selection process of new construction in Qinghai, make contributions to promoting economic and social development, harmony and stability, especially emerged in advocating and promoting social morality, occupation morality, family morality and personal morality activities with excellent quality, embodies the spirit of the times, show the spirit of the time. Leading the social trends, moving deeds of advanced collectives and individuals typical.

the most beautiful people in Qinghai is divided into four categories: professional ethics, social ethics, family virtues, personal morality.

: has the lofty occupation morals, occupation ethics and professionalism, assiduously, excellence, excellent business, innovation, outstanding contributions in their own posts; a line, love line, do due diligence, dedication; abide by the occupation ethics, service quality, won wide acclaim the masses.

socialmorality: the maintenance of social stability and national unity, the courage to struggle against all evils and bad behavior; adhere to honesty and trustworthiness, safeguard social fairness and justice; create interpersonal relationship between poverty alleviation, comity tolerance; protect the natural resources and the environment, and actively participate in volunteer service, outstanding achievements in civilization construction in Qinghai.

family virtues: exemplary practice of family virtues, filial parents, caring for children, brothers and sisters of marital harmony, solidarity, warm and harmonious family life, civilized and healthy, highly praised by the masses.

: Yu Zheng has strict personal morality and open-minded; pay attention to cultivation, helpfulness, unremitting self-improvement; never yield in spite of reverses to treat people with sincerity, the supremacy of credibility;; morality, people and good reputation.

" the most beautiful people in Qinghai, ",, Qinghai, including the recommendation of the people of Qinghai, but also in Qinghai to study, work in other provinces, foreign " new Qinghai;. Regardless of age, gender, nationality, occupation, political outlook, where in the construction of new Qinghai to make outstanding contributions to the deeds of the individual and collective, and can participate in the selection.

The selection of

take the area of recommendation, recommendation, recommendation, mass media personal recommendation method of combining, is divided into the initial evaluation, publicity, recommendation for audit, and determine the formal vote award in recognition of five stages. From mid August to mid November. In late December, the organizing committee will be held this year, " the most beautiful people in Qinghai, " awards ceremony, the grand recognition of the selected " the most beautiful people in Qinghai, ", awarded the award certificate, bonuses and trophies. The organizing committee will also set up an outstanding organization award and enthusiastic participation Award for outstanding work in the selection of the departments and units to be commended and rewarded, to actively participate in the recommendation and voting "