Xining limeng name card west area of Commercial Pedestrian Street won the China famous commercial st

Following Chengdu, Xining, West District, Chunxi Road city commercial pedestrian street has become the country’s twenty-seventh was awarded "China’s famous commercial street" streetFollowing the Chengdu Chunxi Road, Xining West District commercial pedestrian street has become the country’s twenty-seventh was awarded "China’s famous commercial street" of the block. In June 9th, Chinese city commercial network construction and management of the Federation Chairman Liang Renkan, director Han Jianhui Chinese walking Commercial Street Working Committee for the Xining Commercial Pedestrian Street Lane award.

Chinese walking Commercial Street Working Committee Director Han Jianhui Lane on commercial pedestrian street fully affirmed, he also revealed that in September this year, the tenth session of the "Chinese commercial street industry annual meeting will be held in Chengdu, will be invited to participate in Xining City, to promote the country to introduce the successful experience of commercial pedestrian street lane.

commercial pedestrian street originated in the commercial Lane market, which was formed in the early 80s of last century. In order to improve the efficiency and the level of consumption of commercial Xiang brand, 2006 west area according to the requirements of the overall planning of the city’s "11th Five-Year" planning and development of Xining City, the commercial Lane market transformed into boutique commercial pedestrian street based, perfect facilities, complete functions, high level of thinking, to become the capital of Xining and the window name card commercial pedestrian street, Lane reconstruction project was included in the city’s "11th Five-Year" plan key construction projects. In order to speed up the Commercial Pedestrian Street Lane reconstruction project process, the west area through investment, construction to reach agreement with Qinghai Richpower Industrial Group Co. ltd.. The project began in 2006, the project covers an area of 86 thousand and 500 square meters, with a total construction area of 600 thousand square meters, is expected to total investment of $2 billion. Up to now, the completion of the first phase of construction area of 470 thousand square meters, more than more than 1000 households and households in the home owners, the number of nearly 10000 jobs. Among them, only food city construction area of more than 3000 square meters, covering more than 400 kinds of snacks, can accommodate up to 560 people dining.

Commercial Walk Street Lane in Hehuang culture as the theme, the layout is divided into two street, four doors, eight lane and the central city square, the north gate, east gate, South Gate Xiping Tang Qing Shan, Huangzhong Simon, in the ancient city of Xining in different historical periods of naming. Commercial Pedestrian Street Lane with eight special cultural phenomenon in the history of Qinghai, the traditional culture and fashion marriage, opened up the leisure culture in Qinghai commercial street is the first of its kind, build a core area of the capital city of large intelligent complex, no blank to fill the Qinghai real business culture street.

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, the commercial pedestrian street lane two of the stellar international theater opened a number of international brands, Qinghai special commodities settled, Commercial Pedestrian Street Lane level will be further enhanced.