Xiping high speed reproduction of beautiful scenery in the future will be two outdoor billboards set

"originally in Xiping expressway, State Road 109 along the gap a little, there are billboards six or seven different styles".

some billboards worn, the wind blows, wobbly, is a potential threat to passing vehicles".

"some billboard is not standard, blocking the original road signs, may let the driver go wrong".

"before, from caojiabao airport, most billboards will see the lack of unified planning, the beautiful scenery of the Xining mountains, blue sky, flowers and trees constitute, these construction standards are not a sign advertising a ‘trouble’, a little discount".

More than

from several frequently Qinghai old driver’s heart, reflect the Xiping expressway, 109 National highway along the Xiakou remediation illegal billboards, not reasonable necessity: the Xiping highway and 109 National highway section is an important channel into the Qinghai gorge, is a hotly contested spot outdoor advertising. Because of this, for a long time, some illegal and unreasonable setting of the outdoor advertising more and more, they occupy the public space of city resources, affected the city’s image and taste, eventually causing visual pollution.

since July 24th, led by the Qinghai province Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Provincial Communications Department, Xining municipal government, municipal government, Airport Inc and the sea east of Qinghai Tibet Railway Corporation, overcome difficulties and eventually dismantle Luandaluanjian outdoor billboard 146 in Xiping Expressway and state highway 109 along the gorge. In the future, people will not be the first to see the chaos in Qinghai, but surrounded by trees, clear water around the city, Beishan green, two mountains and other unique Xining city profile.

Xiping high speed reproduction beautiful scenery

since July 24th, Qinghai province Industrial and Commercial Bureau total removal of all kinds of the billboard 146, an area of thousands of square meters, this figure shows that our province industry and commerce departments to use various instruments every day on average at least 2 billboards removed. Demolition seems simple, but in reality difficult. The Xiping Expressway and the key areas of outdoor billboards by various settings, has approved the establishment of departments of the province, has approved the establishment of the local government, and without approval and sign an agreement after the establishment of private farmers, long approval, out of order. Cleanup work to protect the smooth development of Qinghai Province, Industrial and Commercial Bureau has repeatedly called the coordination of the Ministry of transportation, Xining City, East Sea city, Airport Inc and the Qinghai Tibet railway company leadership consultation remediation work to refine the division of responsibilities, limited time node, strengthen supervision and implementation, at the same time, the business department staff to find agreement, phone calls, visits touch row of detailed understanding of all people, every advertisement setting time and place, permit deadline, such as charging fees, and classification, implement the responsibility of the relevant units, the final plan successfully removed all to dismantle billboards. In order to make the billboards along the highway more beautiful and reasonable. The relevant departments of our province using satellite remote sensing technology and precision measurement of wetlands and other means, the existing;