Western revenue exceeded 1 billion mark

at the end of November, the west area of fiscal revenue of 1 billion 54 million yuan, an increase of 25.9%, successfully crossed the mark 1 billion yuan income. West District, find ways to expand financial cake, many open source keep fiscal revenue increased steadily, centralized financial resources to do big things, especially the number of the province to implement the city’s first big project or the implementation of the investment, has become a true portrayal of the aggregation of financial resources to do something big.

at the same time, the optimization of fiscal expenditure structure, revitalize the stock of assets, optimize the financial structure, the introduction of tax collection, the construction of key projects, investment, shantytowns transformation of comprehensive evaluation methods, and actively promote the "lead enterprises tax increase, attract investment and tax work, efforts to develop new revenue channels, ensure tax revenue area steady growth.