West District of Xining City 1094 electronic eyes to protect you

October 22nd, the reporter learned from the West District of Xining City, with more and more electronic eye is installed in the high streets and back lanes west area, the number of the west area of robbery and theft case was significantly reduced. Especially this year, the West District, the district government funded, in the important part of the installation of high-definition video probe, the police detection rate is also increasing, people’s sense of security to further enhance.

in the west area of comprehensive social service management information command center on the big screen, there are street social service management information platform, three-dimensional map and street video surveillance, on the 13 Main Street area and 89 lanes to monitor 1094 eye full range, where once there is a problem, the staff will be video the first time to know and feedback to the relevant departments.

it is worth mentioning that this year in the west area of the existing 434 standard definition video probe based on the investment of more than two thousand yuan, the 600 HD video probe installed in the area of key areas, major, complex personnel area high streets and back lanes. The HD video probe, can clearly see the character appearance, facial features, dress, gait, license plate number, characteristics, and even the people in the car’s small action, can not escape the electronic eye.

in July this year, the provincial capital of 54 Street theft occurred in the case of property. After receiving the alarm, the police access to high-definition video, quickly locked the suspect. Finally, in the use of standard clear video and HD video relay, the suspect was arrested. According to the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau of the West Branch of the relevant person in charge, since the end of June this year, 600 HD probe into use, City Public Security Bureau investigators in high-definition video probe assistance, cracked robbery, murder, theft case 18 cases, arresting 28 suspects, recover stolen vehicles more than 30 vehicles.

in recent years, the west district to strengthen the safety of the west, the pace of construction in Tongren Road, Kunlun garden built social service management integrated information command center. In addition to the command center has 600 electronic eye, but also has a public call center, digital city management command system, public safety emergency command system. The electronic equipment of the command center, the basic situation of west area of each community, each building, each unit can see at any time, every time the flow of personnel and the change can be real-time control, each district patrol prevention work is done "air monitoring, ground patrol, security entry".

West District will increase efforts to build peace West ", making the area of unmanned area, Beijiexiaoxiang high-definition video probe full coverage, so that every corner of the electronic eye watch City, protect the safety of the public. (author: Wu Yachun)