Xining good people to help climb the mountain

Even Japan, West City News 96369 news hotline ringing constantly, enthusiastic readers have to attend the "golden Baichuan about Climbing Festival, Xining good also help climbing, think this is a concrete manifestation of the society of respecting and caring for the elderly. It is of great educational significance to hold such activities during the coming of the Chung Yeung festival.

October 17th, the first person to obtain good Xining Ma Baoxiang, came to the West Sea city newspaper entries. He said that the social needs of the disseminators of civilization, the Western Metropolis Daily as the mainstream media in Qinghai, such activities are significant.

"I’m a farmer, I can help those who need help. These years, I have been concerned about the West metropolitan public welfare activities, "Yushu" 100 Qinglin ‘assistance to poor students "are very meaningful. In the traditional festival festival is approaching, the organization of mountaineering activities, advocating filial piety, more practical effect, I think it is very good." Ma Baoxiang said.

in the US, there are a lot of people like Ma Baoxiang, with their chastity behavior, showing the Xining style, convey the beauty of human nature. Yesterday, this newspaper has received Yan Liping, Shao Xiujing, Huang Ji Cailang many good calls, said before the festival to bring the family together.

and a good man, as we received the reader registration phone, everyone said, love always respecting the traditional virtue, but a lot of people are busy with work, ignore this, see this newspaper organized activities, suddenly feel more exchanges should be and family, and love should talk more.

National University of Qinghai Institute of humanities professor Gu Xiaoheng said that the media to do public service, has a unique advantage, there is the spread of power, influence. Respecting and caring for the elderly, need is real feelings, need is warm. "Love is not a matter of old age, a moment of wind, which is an important part of social virtue fashion. Promote respect for the old virtues of love, everyone involved, the need for joint efforts of the whole society, especially to participate in similar activities, the effect is better. Although things are not large, but the effect is obvious. So, we have to start from scratch, start from the subtle, caring for the elderly, caring for the elderly, the elderly love warm together to write a chapter." Gu Xiaoheng said. (author: Qi Wanqiang)