Three statistical analysis report of the province in the national accreditation Award

recently, the comprehensive Department of the general office of the CPC Central Committee Organization Department of the National Civil Service Bureau issued "on the 2016 statistics, Party cadres (civil servants) report evaluation results of the statistical bulletin", three won the one or two, I submitted a report third-prize, award-winning articles digital grades and ranks first in the country.


department in order to promote the organization and personnel departments at all levels to create a new situation in the statistical work of Party cadres, and constantly improve the statistics, analysis and studies using the statistical results of the level, in conjunction with the national civil service bureau organized the 2016 National Party cadres (civil servants) statistics, statistical thematic analysis. Our province attaches great importance to the party organizations and leaders at all levels to actively participate in the organization and personnel work centers around the task, in-depth research and analysis, carefully wrote 10 reports to participate in the national review. The "Qinghai province cadre health survey report" Qinghai province ", and the party organization party lost contact with the investigation and analysis of" Qinghai province ", the county Party secretary team building investigation report" were one or two, third-prize, which in our province is the first statistical analysis.

party to further strengthen the statistical work and statistical data analysis and in-depth research, improve the scientific level of organization and personnel work, the provincial Party Committee Organization Department held the party statistical training in early November, and vigorously promote the work of the statistical system of standardization and informatization construction, establish a sound working system and operational norms, strict information collection, data entry, statistics mark, to ensure real statistical data is accurate and reliable, and comprehensively improve the quality of statistical data of various types of work, to build a solid foundation for the better use of statistical analysis, statistical data in the party committees at all levels of scientific decision-making in the assistant role and statistical work of information, consultation and supervision. ".