Taxi driver training summary meeting held in 2010

to improve the service quality and comprehensive quality of the employees of the taxi industry, strengthen the service level of the service skills of the employees, standardize and promote the healthy and stable development of the taxi industry. According to the municipal government of Xining city "re employment work leading group special meeting minutes" and Xining traffic bureau, Xining Municipal Bureau of labor and social security issued the "Xining city taxi workers occupation skill training work plan" to "Ning [2009]158 words" documentation requirements, by the city Department of transportation and labor and social security Council jointly organized the Xining city taxi practitioners occupation skills training, has trained more than 3600 rental industry practitioners.

2010 according to the special meeting minutes requirements and training plan, based on the continuation of occupation skill training work in 2009 the city’s taxi practitioners, the training work of the leading group and also on training materials timely change and complement, and prepared for our city taxi industry GPS, LCD, LED management system training materials. The training time arrangement, hire industry experts and celebrities, a comprehensive and systematic explanation of the curriculum, and to establish and improve the students file management system and student teaching quality feedback, so that students in the process of learning and training of the problems and shortcomings of the curriculum can timely put forward and improved. Strict training in the process of naming, attendance and examination system, and invited the relevant departments in the training and assessment in the process of the person in charge of on-site inspection and guidance to. To ensure the training work orderly, effectively guarantee the quality of the training, has been fully recognized by the participants alike and all sectors of society, the successful completion of the 2010 annual training plan identified 3000 people.

2010 the end of December, Xining city traffic bureau, Xining Municipal Bureau of labor and social security, Xining Finance Bureau held a "2010 year taxi driver training meeting" in the occupation training school Qingyun group, attended the meeting of the leaders to be fully affirmed on 2010 training work, deputy bureau of bureau of traffic of Ming Jun pointed out in 2011 to do the following work: one is the establishment of the Xining city taxi driver training office in Xining city yunguanchu, responsible for the training work of the organization and the propaganda of the taxi company (line) coordination, regular supervision and inspection and training, strengthen the training management. Two in the training school should establish and improve the students file management system, to the system and measures are in place, staff in place to ensure the quality of training, provide training and good service for the trainees, and strive to complete the 2011 2000 training plan, and to improve the comprehensive quality of Xining city car rental personnel, establish the passenger market order rental good car, car rental building civilized window image, enhance Xining city brand to create a national entrepreneurial city to make new contributions.