Huang tea stores to the site better

to open their own stores, then the site is very important. Today the beverage market, more choices, like imperial tea friends are also more and more, also let this field started by investors certainly, want to join imperial tea shop to find in addition to join the brand, not errors in the location of this session, in accordance with the general requirements of the Ministry of the location based on operators learn more skills can not go wrong location.

passenger flow is decided to join the future of the king of the basic elements of the future performance, understand the flow, how to choose the location? At the same time to understand the positioning of the passenger flow of the consumer market, which is the main direction of consumption of passengers, the ability to focus circle, is the primary factor to be considered when the store location.

site factors in the need to join the attention of the emperor, the emperor Cha Cha Cha how to choose? Now the traffic conditions, one-way streets, streets, traffic ban vehicles have a long distance and other factors and the human to cross the road will cause traffic to a certain extent reduced, at the same time through hearsay or visit the store management to understand the situation of competition.

site selection is the key to investors must take seriously, if the error is bound to bring greater potential risks to investors, but also know that the flow of gold lots, and how to choose the location of the tea shop? In order to ensure that more tourists, so the emperor joined the franchisee in the shop when the reference to the distribution of similar brands shop, and investors in the site should have a comparison of ideas, look at the more suitable for their own.

finally, the selection of the king’s tea franchisee to choose the ideal geographical location, how to choose the location of the tea shop? It is necessary to formally start the rental shop. Choose a suitable price store that is the key to successful business days after, because of the high rent for the operators is a kind of pressure


we analyzed the details we will be clear, to ensure the emperor to join tea shop where the location is superior to, investors should seriously investigate and clear his shop is not to have the advantage of long-term development, and we should pay attention to the field investigation, comprehensive consideration of many aspects in order to find a suitable location for