And sing the mini KTV to join what advantages it has

KTV has always been a popular choice in our lives. Small business choose to open their own KTV stores, is also a very wise choice. How to sing Mini KTV? High quality entrepreneurial projects, successful venture worthy of trust!

you sing Mini KTV enjoy the release of hey earthshaking. With the improvement of living standards, especially in the modern society, along with the increase of working-class pressure, leisure time about relatives and friends go to KTV sing a few songs, but in recent years, many of my friends want to go alone, has gradually become the people living in a common form of entertainment to relax. At the same time, with the continuous development of the market, but also attracted many investors have wanted to get involved in this hot spot of investment.

my exclusive xiangchangjiuchang, willful private use, when a man Mic king. Excellent singing Mini KTV can be in the shopping mall, the school Internet bar bar restaurant game hall cinema coffee bar leisure club large community tourist attractions volume format KTV enterprise lounge / waiting waiting hall and other places to open. 24 hours to open throat, no limitation of places, not disturb others, mobile KTV 2 square meters, where can sing. Covers an area of small, free to move, called mobile KTV!

enjoy enjoy singing loud, the effect does not lose the recording room, hi fi sound effects, super sound insulation glass, live recording sharing.

configuration High: high fidelity sound effects, HIFI level configuration massive cloud music library, the new song update quickly.

: excellent singing with strong strong sound insulation sound insulation effect glass wall into the glass room, enjoy the release of hey earthshaking.

experience: dual visual display, smooth touch operation simple interface, simple operation, quick start.