Do business should be good at using curiosity to do the whole marketing

almost everyone has curiosity, as the owner, if able to meet people’s curiosity, the invisible will make the business get good development. Hongkong is a franchise of adhesive shops, in order to make a new "strong universal glue" is well known, the glue a coin stuck on a wall, and declared that "who can bare gold breaking down, who owns the gold".

for a time, the bustling shop, a debut try mojianjiezhong. However, many people took tremendous effort in vain. There is a self described "got great" Qigong master came to the empty handed. So, the strength of the good performance of the famous universal glue.

Italy has a children’s shop, operating around 7 years old children eat, wear, watch, play supplies. Store requirements: non 7 year old children can not enter the shop, adults into the shop must be accompanied by a child of 7 years old, otherwise declined, even local officials are no exception. With 7 years old children’s parents feel interesting, want to see the "gourd" in the end what medicine to sell, and some with not the age of the child’s parents also lied to the child is only 7 years old, into the shop to buy goods. Later, the store owner also opened a new youth shop, the elderly store, maternity shops, etc., have played a role in the odd promotions.

the above two examples tell us: in marketing, taking advantage of people’s curiosity, adopt unique marketing methods, arouse people’s sense of curiosity, often receive unexpected results. Of course, the prerequisite is that the quality of the goods must be excellent, otherwise, relying on the odd tricks grandstanding, can not let the business is booming.

there is a supermarket near my home last fall, due to the purchase link errors, resulting in a large backlog of washing powder warehouse. The manager of the supermarket is very anxious, announced price cuts of 10% processing. A month has passed, still nobody cares. Later the manager came up with an idea: in front of the store posted an ad: "we sell washing powder, each only a bag, two bags of more than 10% increase."

pedestrian saw the advertisement is both surprised and panic, have speculated: why can only buy a bag? Washing powder is also the price? Why do you want to buy more? Under the control of panic and suspicion, people began to panic. Some queuing at several times, and some families and friends to mobilize the queue. Some even willing to pay more than 10% of the money to buy a few bags. For a time, washing powder into a tight stock, not a few days, the supermarket unmarketable washing powder sold out.

2011 on the eve of the Spring Festival, a big shopping mall here held a week-long "Rangli bargain, double consumption" promotional activities. Any number of 20 yuan, 50 yuan, the face value of the yuan on the yuan has a number of 01, 10 connected to the number, can be >