What are the requirements to join the domestic companies

the pace of life is becoming faster and faster, the improvement of living standards. Entrepreneurs choose to join the domestic demand is also constantly improve the company. Because, with the increasing pressure of our lives, the success of the business to join the choice of domestic companies? So, join the domestic companies have joined the conditions?

1. must be a legal citizen of People’s Republic of China, an independent legal entity.

2. has a certain investment strength and suitable operating site. With at least 5-10 of its own financial strength. Can operate independently or accept a joint venture, but to join the chain operators, and a considerable proportion of investment funds. After the investment is still 2 – 30 thousand yuan of discretionary funds.

3. must be keen on the training industry and are interested in developing the training industry. Knowledge and experience in outward bound training. With practice as the management direction, can quickly grasp the industry’s modern management concept, with excellent management organization ability, and proved to have the potential to expand the development of a certain area.

4. is willing to accept the headquarters of the management, recognition of the headquarters of the development of ideas and management models, recognition of R & D projects and the future development prospects; willing to accept the headquarters of the training.

5. consciously safeguard the headquarters of the brand image, not by the headquarters of the brand effect damage the interests of consumers. Willing to accept the supervision and inspection of the headquarters.

6. must hold a valid ID for joining procedures, to establish the real headquarters archives.

7. as a domestic franchisee, the obligation to the headquarters of the domestic supply of various items of internal security.

joined the domestic company projects, open a home of their own companies to join the store, the successful venture is a very reliable choice. Join domestic companies to join the selection of significant advantages. So, what are you hesitating about?