Do you know what kind of coffee shop

When a lot of people struggling

business in the choice of projects, in fact, open one of their own coffee shop is very good, if the start-up capital is not high, can not join a well-known brand, it must consider the self-employed. If you do not consider the start-up capital, from the gross margin obtained, individual stores and franchise chain’s profit is the same, because although the price is different, but considering the initial fee, retail rents, labor costs, investment costs and other costs, the interest rate is not much difference. Below, respectively, several types of coffee franchise business characteristics and suitable for the crowd.

compound store features:

operating area: 100-150 square meters

hire employees: 4-5 people

composite form: 1, book, coffee, tea with meals collocation; 2, coffee drinks as a supplement; 3, the Internet based online network of coffee, coffee, but is to provide drinks; 4, clothing boutique, run for the crowd: coffee shop for composite have a special talent or a special combination of background people, just one of the coffee products in the store, not all business operators, may have on food, may be of interest to the main floral, income is not from the coffee, but interest in business, the market development is not easy, but very loyal, very stable.

personalized store features:

operating area: 50-100 square meters or so

hire employees: 2-3 people

store interior decoration: emphasis on personality style


store: suitable for reading, dating, chat, relax, find quiet meditation coffee method: specialized, pay attention to the cultural grade, a siphon, Italian, follicular type for the crowd: general, individual shop for slow tone, with a unique personality, pay attention to the design quality of people to run. They love coffee, know the coffee culture, the higher cultural level, in the face of customers also pay attention to taste, the closest shop operators and guest relations, like friends, the higher the price of coffee products, should provide the service more perfect.

coffee shop features

cooperation is to make a strong business as soon as possible, it is also a good method of entrepreneurs can get started as soon as possible, each person’s situation is different, joined the chain make it easier, less demanding on the investor’s management quality, but the amount of investment is relatively high, need to pay large sums of money, and personal autonomy low, this form of cafes, between operators and customers farthest.