Clothing store sales tips

a lot of people are very optimistic about the clothing industry, which is an evergreen project can be evergreen, so more and more entrepreneurs sought after. So, open a clothing store, to improve performance, do you know what sales tips? Today, with the small series to see it!


command statement refers to the speaker only consider their own personal opinion, and not willing to consult others, they forced others to do sth; request statement is in respect of each other on the basis of using the attitude of negotiation request others to do sth..

if you take the subway, take seats slightly older, but a person said: "Hey, come over, I want to sit here!" the imperative tone will make you uncomfortable, even if you do account for the location of some more, you are certainly not happy the empty seat. And if he asked in a tone of voice, "excuse me, can I sit here?".

method at large the better to apprehend him

if often reflect a customer in store clothing prices too high, as a salesman, in providing services to consumers, to point out the goods price is high, but just point out is not enough, but also the advantages of the goods together to speak out, such as good style, excellent fabric and Gong first-class etc.. This can achieve the purpose of attracting the attention of consumers, but also for consumers to buy the final played a good catalytic role.


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