For young people entrepreneurial projects international business pilot enrichment project

had heard of such a sentence is the poor children early masters, good, I grew up in the countryside and the beast I, we have been to school, is the only way to school after graduation has been working around, we also have three years left on their own school, the three years in addition to hard work, to make your life has been how to think about some of the better family life, so in addition to the existing work thought of their own business.

decided to do it first can not be too impatient, I can pilot international business headquarters is relatively recent, go directly to the headquarters office visits, very clean, pilot international manager gives me a detailed introduction of the details, and made a detailed analysis for the online shopping market, also I see a lot of other international navigation the agents of Web site operators, I basically have a clear understanding, only the actual operation, but I have no time to study in the pilot international headquarters, so the pilot international manager told me on the Internet through the network training, teach you to learn, listen to him so I felt relieved, because it is a start, so we chose a clothing site first doing well after I can also upgrade, on the same day to the pilot international headquarters, the day signed the contract, to pay the cost of the night, Go back to the headquarters of the fare as well as food, said it was about three days to build the site, I thought there will be their own career, and a little excited about.