Five initiatives to comprehensively promote the Sihong public Entrepreneurship

2015 is coming to an end, in what has been called the first venture in 2015, Suqian City, Sihong county this year by multi measures, comprehensively promote the entrepreneurial work, and achieved good results, which has an important guiding role for next year’s pioneering work.

1, strengthen leadership, clear responsibility. My county established a county deputy secretary Zhu Changtu as head of the letter by the Bureau, the Bureau of Commerce, bureau of human resources, software park and other relevant units and departments for the county network business members of the leading group, formulated the "Sihong county network on accelerating the implementation of views", "entrepreneurial network to promote entrepreneurship and implementation measures" "Sihong county people" entrepreneurial small wallet "loan implementation measures (Trial)" and other policy documents, for the rapid development of the network business work provides organizational support and policy support.

2, to strengthen the construction of the national entrepreneurship carrier. My county in the city planning and construction of Sihong network business Industrial Park production, sales, warehousing, logistics, training, experience and other functions into one, an electronic commerce radiation throughout the area, youth entrepreneurship incubator, net goods supply public service platform and features of the product O& O museum. Up to now, the network has been settled in the park has reached 105 electricity supplier enterprises. At the same time, the county’s 23 towns rely on industrial concentration area, the establishment of a network of entrepreneurial base, and actively create a network of entrepreneurial demonstration villages and demonstration blocks.

3, innovative operation mode. Always adhere to market-oriented, and actively explore the development mode of "market driven platform + + self government", the government take the stage for enterprises, and promote the network business development. A company, the establishment of a mixed ownership company (PPP), the county by letter Bureau led the participation of social capital, jointly set up the colorful Sihong Agel Ecommerce Ltd, market and entity operated according to the modern enterprise system. />

4, strengthen the network entrepreneurial skills training. Relying on the county network business industrial park and occupation technology training platform, and actively implement the network entrepreneurship training plan, through the hiring of Taobao lecturer, network entrepreneurs, training of cadres, college-graduate village official, family farmers, shopkeepers, brand management enterprises, farmers, unemployed youth social occupation, women ten the main implementation of the "village training"   and for the electricity supplier to carry out "55 elite elite training", every Tuesday, Saturday evening regularly organized entrepreneurship training, to enhance the entrepreneurial ability. Since this year, especially since the launch of "seeds" contest, our county has carried out various forms of body training 28 thousand people.

5, increase financial support for special funds