Administrative divisions of Anhui county to adjust the jurisdiction of the district to adjust

approved by the State Council, the administrative divisions of Anhui will be part of the adjustment. Zongyang county will be placed under the Tongling city from Anqing City, Tongling County, Tongling City, was incorporated into the renamed Nghe An area, also formerly Lu’an city of Shouxian County in the future will belong to the jurisdiction of Huainan city.

the provincial government requirements, the relevant departments at all levels to maintain and service division adjustment situation, earnestly practice the three three real strict requirements to discipline and rules is in front, serious political discipline, work discipline, financial discipline, personnel discipline, strengthen supervision and management of state-owned assets, public funds for public property, to ensure the development of the in the law, stand the test of practice and history. To do a good job of ideological work, policy advice and other questions deeply, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate interests of the masses.

related to the main responsibility seriously implement zoning adjustment, according to the law and steadily push forward, carefully organize the implementation, timely coordinate and solve the zoning adjustment in the work on major issues and major issues, to make institutions merge, personnel placement, transfer of property transfer and other work, strengthen communication and coordination, mutual support and coordination, to ensure that seamless, to ensure that the work is not affected, not off-line. The relevant provincial departments to fulfill their duties, do a solid job guidance, coordination and service work, ensure the smooth implementation of zoning adjustment ability.