60 after Yang Cainong to create a wonderful life never yield in spite of reverses

A generation after

60, now there are many become grandparents Grandpa grandmother, some people have dignity, some people have long been a cause of their own. Of course, in such a special era to grow up a generation, if the choice of entrepreneurship, often have a good achievement. However, the entrepreneurial environment is different, the return will be very different. If you choose to start in the countryside, hard to imagine. The hero of the 60 after Yang Cainong with the spirit of his never yield in spite of reverses, to create a wonderful life.

Zhejiang City, Qiu village should be home village retail customers Yang Cainong, more than two decades has been engaged in aquaculture and food and beverage industry, experienced the initial success of the business to the failure of the success of the shop is now operating in the past. After 60, she used her story to explain the diligence, integrity of life the most exciting.

adversity survival

the last century at the beginning of 90s, Yang Cainong and her husband became the first village near the coastal aquaculture villagers contracted. Two evening, a few years of hard work, he earned the first pot of gold. As a result, they expanded the contract area, ready to expand the fisheries business. But in a high strength and good times don’t last long, the typhoon hit, they contracted dozens of acres of economic fish were swept away by the waves. Because there is no insurance, suddenly lost hundreds of thousands.

however, Yang Cainong has not been conquered by fate, looking at her husband, she said: "we are still young, life can not be finished like this, tiles have turned around, have to come back." Her courage to try to find new business opportunities. When you see the Yang village near the village and village self without a decent grocery store, the couple decided to lease operating a grocery store near the station.

never yield in spite of reverses

good people in the local Yang Cainong has a wide range of popular relations, store business has been very good. However, see the envy of the landlord suddenly breach of contract not renew. Yang Cainong angrily shops moved to their village, though not so good, but she will be willing to endure hardship, with brains, business is getting better.

once, the old house next door suddenly fire, bring disaster to their shop. Yang Cainong and his family was busy fighting, looting, lost a lot of money. Affected by this, the family sad. But the day has passed, the passion is still in the shop, do not give up her friends and relatives to borrow some money, but also to the financial institutions to borrow a sum of money, once again opened the shop up.

at the same time, she looked around the store business characteristics, combined with the local consumer demand, the store business model, commodity display has been improved. Besides, she often goes to Yiwu with her local friends