Shi Yongxin received a huge amount of evidence was pushed to the cusp

when it comes to Shaolin Temple, then you have to say a person, that is now the abbot of Shaolin Temple Shi Yongxin, he can say for the whole of the Shaolin Temple to carry out the vast majority of it has played a very important role.

8 8 July, Shi Yongxin Prentice, was one of the Shaolin Temple four diamond monk master Shi Yan Lu et al and Shaolin Temple, the original monks and staff came together in Beijing, ready to submit materials to the relevant departments of the state, real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing Shi Yongxin "ten sins". This is the mysterious informants since the emergence of justice, Shi Yongxin is facing the most formal report.

the first explosion Shi Yongxin for property


after release of Justice 2004 broke Shi Yongxin and his mistress Liu Liming because of economic disputes over what is the cause of a number of statues of payment settlement. Shi Yan Lu claimed that he participated in the entire process of the dispute, the release of   Yongxin to Zhengzhou City Public Security Bureau, said Liu Liming extortion, police then carried out investigation. "Liu Liming later provided evidence to the police that she had sex with Shi Yongxin." Shi Yan Lu said, after Shi Yongxin a.   Liu Liming should compensate 3 million yuan, of which 2 million is Shi Yongxin to ask him.

in fact some time ago the Shaolin Temple abbot Shi Yongxin can be said to be once pushed in the teeth of the storm, but so far, the Shaolin Temple abbot Shi Yongxin crime news has not been confirmed the final.


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